Science of God

About The Book
This book is a result of forty years of rational and objective contemplation about universe and nature, relying strictly upon scientifically well established facts. It has involved extensive reinterpretation of scientifically well established facts to find out a comprehensive, consistent, coherent view of universe and nature. The book comprises of 41 chapters.......

No Line of Thinking about nature is complete until and unless it offers an explanation about creation of cosmos i.e. : origin and evolution of nature, universe and life.
About The Author
I, Dr Mahesh Chand Jain, am a qualified medical doctor. I completed my formal
education in 1979 with passing of final M.B.,B.S examination conducted by Delhi University. I am engaged in General Medical Practice since 1982, since as the fate would have it, I was unable to pursue.......
This book is an idea which you need to know, in order to understand 'nature and universe' and hence civilization, irrespective of your historical baggage, present ideology,
faiths and beliefs.
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